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Green Design

In 2008, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded The Octagon LEED-Silver Certification for excellence in sustainable design and environmentally conscious construction.

Developer Becker + Becker Associates conceived The Octagon to be an eco-friendly building from the start. The Octagon is 35% more energy efficient than New York State building code standards and consumes far less energy than a traditional apartment building. With monthly energy bills cut nearly in half, more green stays in your pocket.

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Green Features

  • Over 50% of the construction materials were manufactured within 500 miles of the site, minimizing energy expended in transport; most construction waste was recycled.
  • 400KW fuel cell provides green power and heat.
  • The Octagon and its sister building, 360 State in New Haven, CT are the first and only apartment buildings in the world to be powered and heated by a fuel cell.
  • Free of materials containing formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds
  • Regular testing of indoor air ensures strict quality standards
  • Manhattan’s largest array of photovoltaic panels
  • Energy Star appliances and lighting
  • Eco-friendly lifestyle and recreational atmosphere:
    • Five miles of bike paths, walking paths, and waterfront promenades
    • 2-acre ecological park with indigenous plants
    • Underground parking keeps green space to a maximum